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 How to earn 800 CDP per month for free

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How to earn 800 CDP per month for free Empty
PostSubject: How to earn 800 CDP per month for free   How to earn 800 CDP per month for free Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 11:57 am

You can earn 500 CDP from a video and 300 CDP from your blog (3 articles).

How to make a video

I will tell you everything about it:

first - open your Start menu and find Windows Movie Maker, and open it
second - you may have to change the resolution - if it is needed, it will tell you
third - if you have not made screenshots of the game, make them - I suggest you know how (open the page you want to photo, press the button Print Screen, then go to Paint, Edit, Paste and save it)
fourth – after you have made enough screenshots – Import them (you can also import music if you want (from Movie Tasks (in the left))), I am talking about Windows Movie Maker already
fifth – start putting the screenshots on the Timeline (one by one) – after that you can lengthen them in order the video to become longer
sixth – start putting headlines before every screenshot – mark it and go to Tools, Titles and Credits… and choose Add title before the selected clip in the timeline. In this way, put a headline before every screenshot
seventh – do not forget to give a link to the game in your video (
eight – look through the video for mistakes and save it (Save to my computer (it is in Movie Tasks))
nineth – the video is ready, register in Youtube ( and import the video there
tenth – give a link to your video in the relevant thread in the forum of the game (you have to say your username too)
eleventh – waiting for CDP (cyberpoints)

But now, it is already easier if you download ready videos from Youtube - before, it was needed to make screenshots, now - it is not. The rules - you need to put "" at least once a minute and "Basketball MMORPG Game" at least at the beginning and at the end of the video.

Here you can see all of the videos I have made -

How to make a blog

OK. I will explain it to you.

1. Go to this page - .
2. There, click on "Create your blog now".
3. Follow the three steps and you will have your own blog (I do not think that there is something difficult with them).
4. After that - sign in (log in) with your e-mail adress and your password.
5. Then, click on "New Post".
6. Write something (it can be in any language). You can write whatever you want - just note that the article must contain a clickable link to the game.
7. You can earn upto 300 CDP by writing articles in your blog.
8. Remember - the links must be clickable.
9. You can earn 100 CDP by every of the three sites (,, talkdep. com).
10. So, this means that you need to write at least 3 articles per month.
11. Each of them must contain a clickable link to one of the three sites - you need to write one article for every of the sites.

That is how to create a blog.
Now, this is how to submit it in the game:

1. Go to "my cyberpoints".
2. Click on "Blog About Our Site(s)".
3. Click on "Add Blog".
4. Write your blog link and after that confirm it.
5. Submit your articles.
6. Go to "Submit Article"
6.1. Write the "Article Title:" - the title of your article
6.2. Write the "Article Link" - the link to the article (not to your blog)
6.3. "Confirm Article Link:"
6.4. "Article Tags:" - just write what is your article about - with one word
6.5. "Website:" - choose for which site is your article - the site for which you have put a clickable link in your article
6.6. "Topic" - choose for what topic is your article
7. Then, click on "Add Article"

That is it. For more help - here is my blog - . Actually, I won the blog contests for September, November, January and March. I am really proud of that. But you can earn 300 CDP per month without writing so much. By the way, after a year I created my blog, I could not open it, so I had to create another one but it is not a problem.

That is it. If you want, I can give you links to the threads for videos every month, no problem. Smile
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How to earn 800 CDP per month for free
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