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 Season 5

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PostSubject: Season 5   Season 5 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 3:27 pm

Before the season, my goal for The Champions was to be in the top 5 and to play well for the cup - semifinal. But we could win more. In this season, we lost 2 games - in Sweden Premier. But anyway, we won the title. The Champions got gold medals for first time. Actually, the team did not have any medals when I bought it.

Season 5 Season51hu7

The Champions also won the cup beating Minardi F1 Team in the final.

Season 5 Season52qp9

This season, there were also several individual awards for players in the team.

Slump Buster - the best scorer of Sweden Cup - with 210 points.

Slump Buster - the best stealer in Sweden Cup - with 37 steals.

TerremotoŠ Mack - the second bets assistant in Sweden Cup - with 48 assists. He left before he got his medal but he played in The Champions.

Roberto Domina - the third best assistant in Sweden Cup - with 46 assists.

Slump Buster - the fifth best stealer in Sweden Premier - with 136 steals - two more players (the fourth and the sixt ones have also 136 steals, so Slump Buster could be said to be fourth).

Torkel P Skold - the tenth best blocker in Sweden Premier - with 75 blocks.

Slump Buster - MVP of Sweden Cup.

Some photos I took in the last day of season 5:

Season 5 68477982ao1

Season 5 95521914ak6

Season 5 96951745zj9

Season 5 54100855sm4

Season 5 65618408bn4

Season 5 91815689wb8

Actually, Juris Lapiņš, who is written to have won Sweden Cup with us, has not played any matches. He came in order to transfer some money from another team.

Great season for The Champions. 2 losses in official matches. Smile
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Season 5
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