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 The "dead" forum

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PostSubject: The "dead" forum   The "dead" forum Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 5:38 pm

Hey what's up teammates why are you not visiting the forum ? We have the best manager who gives us good bets everyday and informs us about everything that happens in the game and you do not even spend 5 minutes to see OUR team forum and share what is going on with your player, how are you developing it and etc. Live up a little bit !
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PostSubject: Thank you   The "dead" forum Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 8:18 pm

Thank you very much. Thank you for the good words too. I thought I would get an answer when I offered CDP or more playing time to the players, but did not get an answer from most of the players... I do not know what more I can do in order to have the players come here. I would open threads to discuss Sweden Premier or Sweden Cup or Challenge Royal but it does not seem anyone would read the thread - maximum 2-3 people. It is sad not to be able to talk to your players in your teams. By the way, everyone who signs with The Champions or The Champions 2 for the next season will get 3 free videos made by me - 1500 free CDP - I hope this will make you "wake up". I hope more people will come here. Smile
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The "dead" forum
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