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 Season 6

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PostSubject: Season 6   Season 6 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 4:08 pm

The best season so far. No loss in Sweden. We won Sweden Premier without losing even one game. The Champions also won Sweden Cup again.

Season 6 Season61xl7

Great team. Double in Sweden, in second season running. We won against Rambo's Chest in the final for Sweden Cup.

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Season 6 58217114gn2

Season 6 67329878uz7

Season 6 Season62oh7

Several individual awards here too (of course, they are not that important, everyone from the team is really important part of it, I just fell I have to mention the winner).

The Mailman - the best scorer in Sweden Cup - with 254 points.

Ivan Ivanov - the fourth best scorer in Sweden Cup - with 201 points.

Marko Treuman - the sixth best scorer in Sweden Cup - with 181 points.

The Mailman - the best assistant in Sweden Cup - with 65 assists.

Ivan Ivanov - the fourth best assistant in Sweden Cup - with 52 asists.

Ionas Mondauskas - the fifht best assistant in Sweden Cup - with 52 assists (actually, he could be said to be fourth too).

Tim Dunkan - the eight best assistant in Sweden Cup - with 44 assists (actually, he could be said to be seventh - the seventh one has 44 assists too).

The Mailman - the second best stealer in Sweden Cup - with 60 steals.

Marko Treuman - the fifth best stealer in Sweden Cup - with 35 steals.

Tim Dunkan - the sixth best stealer in Sweden Cup - with 30 steals.

Ivan Ivanov - the ninth best stealer in Sweden Cup - with 25 steals (as the eight and the tenth ones).

Tim Dunkan - the best blocker in Sweden Cup - with 37 blocks.

The Mailman - MVP of Sweden Cup.

Slump Buster - the second best stealer in Sweden Premier.

The Mailman - the fifth best stealer in Sweden Premier.

Another great season. In Challenge Royal, though, we did not do what we wanted. 4 wins and 3 losses but it was the first time The Champions played in an international tournament.

Season 6 Season63eo5

We lost by 5 points from U.S. Nottingham (the winner of Challenge Royal in season 5).
We lost by a lot of points from Montlu Globe Trotters. But then, I arranged a game with them, friendly game and we won by 3 points.

So, we could win more matches, but, anyway, a great season.

In the final 3 days of the season, we played in a tournament, a friendly tournament. It was organised by the manager of Cab Madeira. In the first round, The Champions played against Cab International (Indonesia Divsion 3) - winner of Indonesia Divsion 3 and winner of Indonesia Cup. We won by 57 points. Then, we met Nijmegen Matrix (Netherlands Premier) - winner of Netherlands and winner of Netherlands Cup. We won by 10 points. In the final, we had to play against Cab Madeira (Portugal Division 1) - winner of Portugal Division 1 and winner of Portugal Cup. We could beat them by 25 points. So, we won this tournament. Another great success. In addition, The Champions won 300 CDP for winning the tournament. Plus, Ivan Ivanov was chosen for MVP of the tournament - 100 CDP award. He also finished the tournament as the best scorer, with 109 points - 50 CDP award.

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Season 6 10dw7

Season 6 11hb9

Season 6 12ww4

Season 6 13su5

Season 6 14ti1

Some photos I took at the end of the season:

Season 6 71614960ki3

Season 6 87631107ss2

Season 6 29788786lr1

Season 6 54042443fa5

Season 6 56063392kg0

Season 6 15zo6

Season 6 16hd2

Season 6 17po1

Great season. Congratulations. Smile
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Season 6
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