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 Season 4

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PostSubject: Season 4   Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:11 pm

I bought the team in season 4, day 39. Then, the team was on the third position in Sweden Division 1. We did not lose a match after day 39. Actually, on day 39 The Champions had lost when I bought it. But after that - no loss.

There were several unforgetable matches.

Alunda Knarkarna was a better team at that time. I knew that. We had a match against them soon after I got the team. I arranged a friendly game in one free day, we lost it by 50 points (actually, I wanted to lose this match), then we won our match in the league by great margin - not sure, maybe 40-50 points. We won against other human teams. It was the first season from the great dynasty that was about to start. Smile
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Season 4
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